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Wealth Management


Investment Planning

Your lifestyle, goals and needs are at the centre of our approach. As a mature wealth management company, we work with independently selected investment, research and regulatory partners to meet and enhance your lifestyle and goals. This is all designed to look after you and your hard won wealth.

Team work and careful preparation is the essence of good performance in most parts of life and business. These are key ingredients to sound performance for your money as well. As an independently owned firm, with many client relationships lasting decades, we take selecting those assisting us look after you very seriously. If we do a good job one at a time we keep our clients. You work with us alone and we co-ordinate the rest for you.


Who do we work with for example?

  1. 'Sense Network': We researched the market for the best 'network' for our clients to benefit from pooled resources for research and regulation designed to look after you by having our advice checked ongoing. 'Sense' is independently owned, experienced and have a 'can do' attitude along with an outstanding record. Sense have an investment and research committee who in turn continuously asses the market for useful research partners.
  2. 'Intelliflow' client management software helps us advise you efficiently and thoroughly, which in turn helps us keep your fees keen.
  3. 'Square Mile Investments' help ensure thorough fund and asset selection. They often have personal meetings with each fund manager as a benefit of being actually in the City.  This is an outstanding resource which offers our clients fund recommendations and reports at no extra cost. Square Mile also offer a service to change your funds whenever they wish in order to take advantage of opportunities immediately to make gains or shelter your funds at an extra cost of 0.25% plus vat per year. This is a first class addition to our client service proposition.
  4. ‘Defaqto’ help us see the financial security of providers and service provision standards quickly and efficently.
  5. ‘Selectapension’ fairly compare pension products and charges. This is especially useful when considering pension transfers or consolidation.
  6. ‘Assureweb’ for life assurance, equity release, serious illness, annuity comparables and some cash-flow modelling in retirement for example.


Retirement Planning


It is now possible to spend a third of your lifetime in retirement. Good financial planning will not only help you to enjoy your retirement, but it could also enable you to leave a legacy for future generations.


If you are about to start saving towards your retirement

we will help you to establish how much you will need and by when, taking into account your circumstances and future goals. With an understanding of how much you need to save, you can then begin to explore the most appropriate way to do it. The range of planning solutions may include different savings vehicles, such as Personal Pension Plans, Stakeholder Pension Plans, Self-Invested Personal Pension Plans (SIPPs), Occupational Schemes or other savings routes such as Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs). Once a vehicle has been selected, we can identify the most appropriate investments to be held within the plan, taking into account your investment experience, risk tolerance and desire for investment control.


If you have already started saving or are still in the process of accumulating funds

you may have built up retirement savings in different arrangements over the years, particularly if you have changed jobs or employment status. You may, therefore, require our support to explore the potential benefits of changing or amalgamating any existing plans.


If you are approaching the point at which you wish to start taking benefits

from your retirement savings or have already begun to take benefits we can help to guide you through your planning options and/or manage any ongoing arrangements.

Much of the process will require ongoing advice and Willcox Financial Ltd is here to guide you throughout both the ‘saving’ and the ‘spending’ phases.


Wealth Management

Wealth is to be enjoyed. Whether you are spending it or accumulating it, wealth never stands still. We understand that wealth is not necessarily all about money. It can centre around friends, love, family and experiences. We aim to help you feel more certain about your financial position, so you get to enjoy what you hold dear today and in the years ahead.

We can help you develop and nurture everything you’ve worked for, ensuring you and your family can enjoy your wealth both now and in the future. If you lead a busy life, juggling work, social and family commitments, you may not have the time to keep up with the latest changes regarding personal finances and tax. That’s where we can help, by assessing how these changes impact on you and ensuring your wealth continues to grow.

We provide a personal and proactive service, with emphasis on offering advice tailored to meet your individual needs. Following a comprehensive assessment of your financial requirements and objectives, Willcox Financial can help to manage all areas of your wealth, leaving you to enjoy it.

Tax is one of the most certain things in life. Every aspect of your wealth is at some point subject to tax. The difference that careful planning can make, regardless of your level of tax exposure, can be staggering. Willcox Financial Wealth Management experience of complete wealth management and understanding of tax systems and key planning points places us in an ideal position to provide income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax advice.


Inheritance Tax (IHT)

With careful strategic planning, IHT advice can reduce IHT liability and can ensure that your estate is dealt with in the most effective way, according to your wishes and without delay.


Capital Gains Tax (CGT)

CGT is payable on the profit arising from the disposal of assets such as investment property, stocks and shares and works of art (where the gain exceeds your annual CGT allowance). We can help you to make use of the various relief available to reduce the tax burden. This can be a complex area and advice is essential.

We prefer to work alongside your accountant as from experience, between us you get ideal guidance.


Tax and Inheritance Tax planning is not regulated by the Financial Services Authority. The levels, bases and relief of taxation are subject to change.


Business & Corporate Planning

 We advise and provide services to businesses in the UK from sole traders and small to medium enterprises to larger corporations, including:

• Group Pensions

• Workplace Pensions

• Auto-Enrolment Services

• Private Medical Insurance

• Life Cover

• Business Protection

• Commercial Property Finance

• Employee Benefits

• Shareholder Protection


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The value of investments can go down as well as up and you may receive back less than you originally invested.


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